“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not”

-André Gide



Black Male Freaks History -

(B.M.F) Black Male Freaks was first launched on October 4, 2012 that was originally established as a page on Facebook. However, because of Facebook’s strict page owner rules our original home was flagged and removed on June 3, 2012.


*A Screen shot of B.M.F’s original Facebook page

Nevertheless, On November 25th having the original name Male Freaks Swag which was later changed to BLACK MALE FREAKS. B.M.F decided to start a new with blogging on Tumblr.


*Original name of B.M.F from 10/4/12 - 12/15/12

"Our purpose is to introduce to the World not just images but the sexual desire and the art of black men”

It was created to become a place where photos of Black men attraction could be exposed and their God giving bodies could be uploaded, shared, and enjoyed. This page was established to develop a language, that is only understood among the many men and women who are also fascinated. Here’s a place for worship, gratitude, and homage paid to the creation of Black Men all across our Earth. Therefore, B.M.F isn’t label as a gay nor straight page it’s a sanctuary where anyone can join and share among people of their nature!!

*WARNING: May contain sexual content or Images. Ages18 + only*


What does BLACK MALE FREAKS mean? -

Good question .. but I really don’t know (laugh out loud) I think the reason why I picked the title BLACK MALE FREAKS was just for the sexual appeal. I mean, when one ever hears the term freak nowadays many people start to imagine something freakishly, morbidly ugly or monstrous. But in our urban community freak is a connotation for a sexual term. Like for instance, a short odd reference for being sexy in a sexual way. But than again that’s ironic because the word freak means to be odd and a very unusual person or thing.

So, I kinda think men can be freaks in a sexual terminology by the boldness of their swag and vigor. Therefore, a freak can even be international just because my blog focus more on black men doesn’t mean that white men, Asian men, or any other racial type of man, can’t be identify as a freak. B.M.F is like looking at cake in a window being displayed but having a sexual expression and emotion to want more!! And that’s why I named this page BLACK MALE FREAKS! It doesn’t really have to stand for any thing its just an expression that comes to mind!

             B.M.F Chief Editor and Creator - @ikidar  (Jzz)  #TeamFreaks 


**WHITE MALE FREAKS - No Longer Available)

However, B.M.F would like to introduce to you their two newest blogs and they are:

  •   FreakTube  < Click on the name to be redirected to our site. 


And Our recently Newest one that was renamed from North Urban Inquirer is now Guyz Before Fries!!


Please take note that all images that are posted on this page are either from being reblogged or either the internet. Therefore, our page doesn’t take credit that we have any ownership of these photos

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As creator and Editor of (B.M.F) I welcome you and I truly hope that you enjoy my creation


headquartered in Philadelphia (USA)